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Houston Texans Luxury Suites Offer the Best View of the Game

Houston Texans Luxury Suites Offer the Best View of the Game

It is every Houston Texans fan’s dream come true to see their favorite team playing at their home stadium. NRG Stadium has been the home of the Houston Texans since they joined the NFL in 2002. It has also played host to countless other events including college basketball and football (including the Texas Bowl), soccer matches, the rodeo, concerts and many others. Formerly known as Reliant Stadium, this multipurpose arena was constructed for a cost of $352 million and has a seating capacity of 71,995. This stadium is on the bucket list for every serious football fan! There are numerous reasons why NRG Stadium is an incredible place, but here are just a few highlights:  
  • The first NFL facility to have a retractable roof was NRG Stadium.
  • NRG Stadium is part of a collection of venues (including the Astrodome) in the Houston sports complex which is collectively called NRG Park.
  • This stadium boasts a 125,000 square feet in space.
  • A notable aspect of the design is the stadium’s retractable, fabric roof, which consists of two large panels that split apart at the 50-yard line.
  • The “Bull Pen” is the designated fan section for the home team. The fans in the Bull Pen interact directly with the action on the field.
  • The video screens in NRG stadium are the 2nd largest of their kind. Coming in at a total of 14,549 square feet of screens, this feature certainly adds an element of grandeur to the experience.
While this venue is every fan’s dream, the Houston Texans Suites really put things over the top. Those that seek to enjoy the game in comfort and style will absolutely love this experience. Watching a game from a suite is truly a privilege. Houston Texans Luxury Boxes allow you to witness the game at its best! If you wish to book a suite for an upcoming Texans game, you can do so with LuxuryVIPSuites. We have incredible inventory available to our clients for every game on the Texans schedule! Houston Texans suites are among the most elegant boxes in the league with amenities such as:  
  • Facilities And Luxuries
The luxurious seating arrangements provides an excellent VIP experience for you and your guests. Access to the exclusive suite entrances, VIP parking, and dedicated attendants all work in tandem to make this a memorable event.  
  • Accommodations for groups both large and small.
  • Texans luxury suites feature top-class tech perks such as HDTVs, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • The extensive catering menu that adds to the enjoyment of the experience.
  • Private entry into NRG Stadium, along with VIP club access will impress your group while the teams battle it out on the field.
  • The suite tickets will include early access to the private suite area so you can avoid the large crowds.
  • Also, there are private VIP entrances located on both sides of the stadium for your guests.
  • Houston Texans Suites are an ideal pick for private or corporate get-togethers.
Enjoy the best view for an upcoming Houston Texans game at their home stadium with an optimum level of luxury & fun! Cheer your favorite team & make this event memorable with LuxuryVIPSuites! Book your Houston Texans Luxury Suite today!

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