John Mayer Suites

John Mayer Suites

John Mayer Suites

A Luxury box (also referred to as a luxury suite, corporate box, corporate suite, executive box, sky box or a private box) is a special private seating section located within stadiums, arenas and other sporting and entertainment venues. They are typically located in the midsection of a stadium grandstand, usually providing the best views of the event. Some have glass panels that can be opened, in order for the spectators to feel closer to and more immersed in the action of the event.

Luxury suite ticket holders often receive exclusive access to an indoor part of the venue through private club entrances, to areas containing special restaurants, merchandise stands, and lounge areas of the venue that are not otherwise available to regular ticket holders.

Buy or rent a John Mayer suite for his next concert

John Mayer is an incredibly talented American singer-songwriter who has been entertaining fans since his breakout album, Room for Squares, back in 2001. Featuring hits like “No Such Thing” and “Your Body is a Wonderland”. Mayer has been in the public eye ever since. Using his guitar, he has collaborated with everyone from Eric Clapton to B.B. King. Most recently, Mayer has been making headlines touring with Dead & Company and gaining fans from an older generation.

He has played all kinds of music, from pop to blues rock, adult contemporary to a more of a jam sounds, Mayer can make a guitar do whatever he wants. Whether playing as part of a group or going solo, Mayer is a force on stage. Learn more about this iconic music artist by clicking here.

Seeing John Mayer from the comfort and privacy of a luxury suite only adds to the experience. His unique vocals and diverse sound are perfect for your group’s next outing. Don’t miss this one of a kind performer giving it his all for an arena packed with fans. Contact us today to lock up a John Mayer suite for his next performance.

Popular songs:

  • Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – Continuum (2006)
  • Your Body is a Wonderland – Room for Squares (2001)
  • Gravity – Try! (2005)
  • Half of My Heart (featuring Taylor Swift) – Battle Studies (2009)
  • Heartbreak Warfare – Battle Studies (2009)
  • Say – Say (2006)
  • Daughters – Heavier Things (2003)
  • Waiting on the World to Change – Continuum (2006)
  • No Such Thing – Inside Wants Out (1999)

Please call 610-828-7407 or email us direct at to discuss luxury suite pricing and configurations for John Mayer concerts or how we can market your luxury suite to our corporate clientele in your city.

If you own a John Mayer suite, we can market your luxury suite for the dates you choose not to use or are unable to attend.

This is a great opportunity to offset much of your suite expense which you incur each year. You have thousands of dollars just sitting there – no John Mayer concert should go unused.

Benefit from extra revenue with LuxuryVIPSuites while helping out a corporate group that needs to entertain clients at a concert in your John Mayer suite.

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