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Los Angeles Clippers Luxury Suites – Your Next Destination for the Clippers Game

Los Angeles Clippers Luxury Suites – Your Next Destination for the Clippers Game

Los Angles Clippers

After years of languishing in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference and feeling like second-class citizens in a town dominated by the Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers have finally stepped out of the shadows and stolen the spotlight not only in the LA basketball community, but in all of the NBA.

Founded in 1970 as an expansion team, this franchise got its start as the Buffalo Braves. Led by Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo, the team reached the NBA playoffs three times. In 1978, the team was relocated to California and took on the Clippers name. However, six seasons in their first California city, San Diego, netted zero playoff appearances before the group packed up and headed to Los Angeles.

Moving to Los Angeles in the mid-80s was a bold move, as the Lakers were perennial contenders for the championship. Unfazed by their crosstown rivals (with whom they shared an arena), the Clippers slowly built a fan base over the years. They would occasionally qualify for the playoffs, but has only made it beyond the first round once before 2012. It was in that year that everything began to change. Since then, the Clippers have made the playoffs 9 out of 10 times. Their most recent trip, in 2020-2021, brought them further than ever before.

A fourth place finish in the division set them up against the Dallas Mavericks in the first round. This seven game series brought LA to Utah to face the Jazz. The Clippers handled them in a six game series, making it to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. However, this would be the end of their run as the Phoenix Suns came out on top in this six game series.

LA fans have plenty to be proud of with this team, as well as plenty of optimism for the future. This group cannot wait to get back onto the court for the 2021-2022 season. They have some unfinished business as they intend to bring home a championship.

Staples Center– The Home of the LA Clippers

The Staples Center is a multi-purpose arena located in Downtown Los Angeles. Opened in 1999, this venue is adjacent to the LA Live development and the LA Convention Center complex. In addition to the LA-based NBA teams, it is also the home of the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL and the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. The Staples Center is the only arena shared by two NBA teams.

The Staples Center has hosted the Grammy Awards ceremony and is scheduled to host basketball competition during the 2028 Summer Olympics.Every musical act that comes through Los Angeles plays at this venue. This incredible venuehas more than 250 events and 4 million guests each year. It is the most popular arena in America today.

Book Los Angeles Clippers Luxury Suites

If you are planning to attend an upcoming LA Clippers home game, then Staples Center Suites are your best bet for maximum enjoyment. These private suites offer an experience unlike anywhere else in the building. Watch your favorite basketball players battle it out on the court and live like a Hollywood star in a Staples Center luxury suite. These suites give you direct access to the following amenities:

• A climate-controlled environment.
• A full range of in-suite catering options.
• Extra comfortable seating.
• A personal suite attendant.
• Clear and amazing views of the arena.
• VIP parking passes.
• VIP entrance.
• HD TV screens.
• And more…

STAPLES Center Suites are a great way to entertain your clients, family members, and friends. These suites offer privacy while allowing your guests to enjoy incredible Clippers basketball action. Make sure to fully take in your surroundings as famous actors and musicians frequently visit this venue.

Those with the privilege to attend an NBA game in these Clippers luxury suites are poised to have celebrity encounters. What are you waiting for?

Buy Los Angeles Clippers Luxury Boxes/Suites.

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