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Minute Maid Park Suites - Witness the Thrill of an Astros Game While Enjoying Luxury

Minute Maid Park Suites – Witness the Thrill of an Astros Game While Enjoying Luxury

After spending 51 years in the National League, the Houston Astros switched over to the American League in 2013, joining the AL West. This change made all the difference as the Astros went on to win their first World Series in 2017.

Originally named the Houston Colt .45s, they joined the MLB as an expansion team back in 1962. They would take on the Astros moniker just three seasons later, after moving into the Astrodome, the so called “8th Wonder of the World.” Houston was an NL West team before moving to the NL Central. However, they would go back to the NL West before finally switching to the AL West.

This tremendously popular team is trying to make it back to the playoffs and advance to another World Series appearance. In the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, Houston made the playoffs for the fourth time in the last five seasons and came within one game of a World Series berth before losing to the Tampa Bay Rays in game 7 of the ALCS.

Minute Maid Park

Previously named as The Ballpark at Union Station, Enron Field, and Astros Field, Minute Maid Park is a state-of-the-art baseball stadium located in Downtown Houston, Texas. This retractable-roofed stadium opened in the year 2000 to serve as the home stadium of the Houston Astros.

Replacing the old Astrodome, Minute Maid Park features a natural grass playing field. It combines the touch of a classic old-time ballpark with the amenities of a contemporary facility. The beverage brand Minute Maid currently owns the stadium’s naming rights. The stadium boasts a seating capacity of nearly 42,000, including 65 Minute Maid Park Suites.

Minute Maid Park Suites

The beautiful premium seating options at Minute Maid Park offer all-new, exclusive Houston Astros Boxes/Suites. From the comfort of theatre-style seating to HD TVs, sliding glass doors and the open stadium roof, this is your chance to treat your guests as well as yourself to an amazing baseball experience at Minute Maid Park. Other perks of Minute Maid Park Suites include:

  • In-Suite Catering Service 

Minute Maid Park Boxes/Suites let you and your guest enjoy delicious in-suite catering options. Additionally, these suites are available with personal suite attendants to take care of your suite every need with the excellent hospitality services.

  • VIP Parking 

The Astros VIP parking passes make arriving and leaving a breeze with access to lots that are close to the stadium. A short walk from the ballpark, these parking spaces will allow you to beat the crowds and avoid the traffic.

  • Club Level Access 

As a suite ticket holder, you can get direct access to club levels of the stadium where you can enjoy even more premium perks. There is even a VIP entrance directly to the Suite Level!

If you are eagerly anticipating the next Houston Astros home game, do yourself a favor by booking Minute Maid Park Suites today!

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