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Pittsburgh Steelers Suites: The Best Location at Heinz Field

Pittsburgh Steelers Suites: The Best Location at Heinz Field

Mention of the Pittsburgh Steelers always evokes thoughts of the Steel Curtain teams of the 1970s, a hard-nosed defensive group that showed no mercy against their opponents on the field. Names like Joe Greene, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, and Mel Blount are synonymous with this dominant group. The other side of the ball was filled with stars like Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, John Stallworth, and Lynn Swann. They, too, were an incredibly talented group.

However, the origins of Steelers football goes all the way back to when the franchise was founded in 1933. The Steelers are one of the oldest surviving franchises. Racking up six titles in their history, the first would take more than 40 years to achieve. However, once they broke the seal on Super Bowls, the rings came flooding out with four titles in six years in the late 1970s.

Pittsburgh wouldn’t see another championship until 2005. Under head coach Bill Cowher, the Steelers won back the title with second year quarterback Ben Roethlisberger leading a dynamic group featuring Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, and Troy Polamalu. While the rest of the cast had already cemented their place on the roster as stars, Roethlisberger grew into a superstar and would become the face of the franchise for the next 15 years, winning two more Super Bowl with Mike Tomlin as his coach.

Retiring at the end of 2021, Roethlisberger has turned the page to the next chapter in Steelers history. Former number two overall draft pick Mitch Trubisky is looking to get his career back on track, and will get the chance as the starter for the Steelers in 2022. Can he lead this team to victory in a tough AFC North with teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals ready to pounce?

A franchise that has been around as long as the Pittsburgh Steelers is bound to have had a few stadiums that they have called home over the years. Forbes Field, the initial home of the Steelers served for the first 30 years before they moved to Pitt Stadium. They would remain here until the opening of Three Rivers Stadium in 1970. This would be their home during their run in the 1970s and would serve them until Heinz Field opened in 2001 in Pittsburgh’s North Side in the North Shore neighborhood.

Heinz Field – The Heart of Pittsburgh

In addition to serving as the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field also serves the Pittsburgh Panthers of the University of Pittsburgh and is named for the locally based H. J. Heinz Company. The whole field was designed with the city of Pittsburgh’s history in mind. This led to the inclusion of 12K tons of steel into the construction of the stadium.

What makes Heinz Field special is that it has been the host to various sporting events over the past few years, including Steelers AFC playoff games, the 2010 NHL Winter Classic, and Women’s Football. In addition, it even played the home of the Gotham Rogues in film‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Book Pittsburgh Steelers Suites Online

If you are a passionate Steelers fan and want to share the excitement for their beautifully-designed home venue, then this is your ultimate chance to book a Heinz Field Suite today. Those with access to these suites know the extent of the comfort and luxury this stadium offers. After all, there are nearly 130 luxury suites surrounding the Kentucky bluegrass field, each featuring a great sightline to all of the action at Heinz Field.

The climate-controlled environment, HDTVs, personal suite attendants, VIP parking passes, in-suite catering, and comfortable seating are some of the numerous amenities that ensure comfort even deep into the winter playoffs. There is a lot to enjoy when you buy Pittsburgh Steelers Boxes online


We bring you access to luxury suites at different sporting events and concerts around the country. We have Heinz Field suites in the best locations of the stadium. Our access to these suites provides our clients with the best Pittsburgh Steelers luxury suite experiences.

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