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Washington Commanders Suites: The Most Luxurious Gameday Experience

Washington Commanders Suites: The Most Luxurious Gameday Experience

Washington Commanders Suites: The Most Luxurious Gameday Experience

Washington Commanders Suites

The Washington Commanders are the home team in the area surrounding our nation’s capital. Competing out of the notoriously tough NFC East, the Commanders are an opponent who is sometimes overlooked, but should always be respected. While they may not have the firepower that they did in the 80s and 90s, head coach Ron Rivera is working on a way to get this team back to greatness.

The past couple of seasons have been difficult and it has been hard to find consistency under center. Going into the 2023 season, Rivera has tapped Sam Howell to be the starting QB. Coming into his second season in the NFL, the 5th round pick out of North Carolina has a lot to prove. However, he does have talent around him to make the job easier.

Can the Commanders pull themselves up and reach the top of the division? Can they make a push for the playoff? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain: the fans at Commanders Field will show up in droves on gameday to support their hometown heroes.

Commanders Field

Originally known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, Commanders Field is a professional football stadium located in Landover, Maryland. Formerly boasting the largest seating capacity in the NFL at over 91,000, the capacity has been reduced to 62,000.

Commanders Field was built as a replacement for Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, Washington’s prior venue. The newly built stadium was opened in 1997 as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. It would become Commanders Field in 1999 after the naming rights were purchased for an average of $7.6 million per year.

Commanders Field Luxury Suites

When it comes to combining the thrill of NFL action with lavish hospitality, the Washington Commanders Suites set the standard. Offering an unmatched experience to their passionate fans and corporate guests alike, these suites are bound to impress and personify premium sporting accommodations.

Book Washington Commanders suites online and enjoy the most luxurious gameday experience at Commanders Field. These suites represent the pinnacle of comfort and entertainment in the world of professional football. From extravagant interiors to personalized services, every aspect of the Commanders Field Luxury Boxes is crafted to deliver unforgettable memories.

Join us as we take a closer look at the benefits of Commanders Field Luxury Suites and discover why they have become synonymous with world-class entertainment.

  1. Premium parking options
  2. Private VIP entrances
  3. Exclusive elevator access
  4. Dedicated suite attendant
  5. In-suite catering service
  6. Private restrooms
  7. HDTV screens

Whether you want to entertain your corporate clients, need a private space to close a business deal, or simply host a family gathering, we have a premier suite experience that will work for you and your guests. Get ready to entertain and network in this prestigious VIP space, with all-inclusive gourmet catering and clear views of Commanders Field.

Book Commanders Field Luxury Suites today.

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